Thursday, September 25, 2008

Same old, same old situation...

You haven't met my friend SBC yet, but I've gotta tell ya, her initials could stand for Super Badass Chick just as easily as they do for her real (soon-to-be-married) name.

SBC and I were sorority sisters back in the day and roommates one summer break during college (although I had a boyfriend and wasn't there at all much). We got along great because we shared a love of cold beer, 80s hair bands and drinking games. Of course, now that we're "grown-ups" we don't see each other as much as we once did. But when we do, it usually involves the same trifecta of greatness that bonded us to one another in the first place....more than 11 (!SHIT!) years ago.

Of course, our tastes have evolved a little bit. Instead of whatever "ice" beer (i.e. Icehouse, Bud Ice, etc. for you young 'uns) was available on "$1 Ice Night," we're now known to drink decent light beer and maybe even an import from time to time. And we've found something to satisfy our 80s hair band needs:

You may not realize this, but Dallas is the cover band capital of the world. Seriously. And these guys are awesome. Seeing them perform is like being at a Warrant, Motley Crue, Aerosmith and Poison show (except with only their best, most sing-along-worthy songs...and with more real hair).

So it was at one of these shows that SBC introduced me to the "drinking game" that would replace Three-Man, Asshole and Up the River, Down the River. It's called Slamouflague and it is greatness.

You can click on the link above for the whole story, but it's pretty simple: You rack up points by "accidentally" bumping into people wearing camouflage and saying something like, "Oh sorry...I didn't see you there." Get it?! It may sound a little lame now, but after a few beers and a shot of Patron or two, it's seriously funny. It's even better when the slam-ee realizes what you are doing. It's guaranteed to get a smile. Almost every time.

So, it may've been 11 years since SBC and I hung out all the time, but neither of us has grown up too much. And that's a good thing.

Today's title selection: Same Ol' Situation - Motley Crue


Mama Bee said...

I seriously think of your Slamoflauge game every. single. time. I see camo! I'm dying to play it someday, even if I'm by myself...

SBC said...

Hahahaha!!! I love it. I miss PC. BigAC has YET to get to enjoy the gloriousness of it. Oh... and I have to add... IT'S WEDDING DAY! IT'S WEDDING DAY! Weee!

OK... go forth and slam! LOL!

P.S... I'm a little giddy today, so I realize this may not be as funny on a normal day, but the captura thing I have to type to post this comment is: fuyfac... Fooey Face? LOL! That is all.

Paige said...

I have a friend like this--and there is not much better than the couple of times a year we get to hang out.

The only thing that has changed is we do not take the scooter to the bar, but instead an airplane to the island and then the golf cart to the bar.

It is swell

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