Thursday, March 6, 2008

Are you there God? It's me, Ro.

An uncharacteristic early March "Arctic Blast" has hit our city and that means one thing...spiritual deities everywhere are being overloaded with prayers for a Friday Snow Day (probably not many are coming from stay-at-home moms, but everyone with a job that has closing potential or in school is trying to cash in a favor with the big guy - I guarantee it). And I admit it, this reformed Catholic has even said one or two in hopes of sleeping late and a three-day weekend.

Why are Snow Days so great? Is it the unexpectedness of it? The "free" day off? The thoughts of staying home bundled up with a good bottle of wine book? I'm sure it's a little of all of these, but for me it brings back memories of being a kid and getting SO excited by the idea of missing school to go sledding (even if the biggest hill near us was the grassy side of an overpass). Our Snow Days were few and far between, but when we had them, they were a blast.

My adult Snow Days are quite different (no daytime drinking was involved back me anyway), but no less exciting.

So, JC, if you're listening...hook a sister up. You can worry about war, famine, natural disasters and all that other ugly stuff later. I know you aren't that busy right already gave the Giants a SuperBowl win and the major music and movie awards seasons are over. You have a little free time on your hands, so please, please, please use it on me. I won't lie to you like I did back in college, you know...when I said if you make sure I'm not pregnant I'll never have sex again. We both know those were empty promises that were eventually broken. But I'm a grown up now and know better. So I agree not to give you any bullshit, if you give me a free day. That's all I ask. least until I'm nominated for a best original screenplay Oscar. But we can renegotiate then....

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