Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh, Mexico...sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low...

Tomorrow is our big Mexico trip. I'm finally excited (after months of bitching about the fact that we are paying an ungodly amount of money just to go to Mexico - a place we've been tons of times). BTW, we are going for a wedding, so it's not really a vacation, but because we are shelling out more cash than we did for a 10-day Europe trip last year, by god I am calling this thing a vacation.

Can't you tell my attitude is improving?

It really is though. It started last week when the bride-to-be e-mailed me her concerns about getting married on an "unlucky" day. What day is that, you might ask? Well, the EYES of March, of course. (Seriously.) That got me to thinking this will probably be a fun adventure with lots of stories (read: blodder) for weeks to come.

So anyway...In our infinite wisdom we decided to rent a hotel room by the airport tonight to avoid waking up too early for tomorrow's flight (it's a 30 minute drive from our house in morning traffic) and because SuperHusband needed some work.

Here's the thing: SuperHusband works on straight commission and this week started off pretty slow. But we knew as soon as we made plans, business would pick up and he'd be swamped as hell today. As you can see from the time of this worked. It's 11:30PM now and he's still on the computer with an hour left to go.

By the time we get to the hotel, we'll get a good five hours of sleep before we have to hop on the airport shuttle. We should've just stayed at one of those rent-by-the-hour places...although a vibrating bed wouldn't (completely) make up for a stained mattress and we probably couldn't sleep from all the headboard (and general) banging.

But it will be fine (as soon as I get my morning Bloody Mary) and I know we'll have a great time. Plus we already have a vacation theme song - which is critical. No...not Mexico by James Taylor (although according to SuperHusband listening to JT is a guaranteed hangover cure and I'm sure we'll be needing that). I'm thinking more along the lines of Private Eyes. You can't go wrong with Hall & Oates. And it is almost the EYES of March after all.


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