Friday, March 28, 2008

Flashback Friday: She wanna (pearl) necklace...

OK, this post isn't really about a pearl necklace, but since I've decided to do the whole lyrics-for-post-title thing, I can't turn back now. Plus I might get some blog hits from pervs searching for free porn. A hit's a hit, right?

So let's flashback about 20 years or so. It's Friday and that means only one thing - trying to con someone's parent into taking us to the next town over to go to the movies, to the mall or to Michael's. Yes, Michael's the craft store. It was a prime destination for us back then because, in addition to awesome paint pens and puff paint (this was the 80s after all...), it was also the only place in town to buy these things:

Hideous, right? But, back then, they looked so cute with stirrup pants and oversize sweaters. Plus the bells let everyone know you were coming (and I'm sure annoyed parents/teachers/anyone over 14 to no end). Of course if you were planning to sneak out of the house, this was not a good accessory choice.

Anyway, I had so many of those damn charms - and was always on the hunt for more. There was even a toilet (with functioning lid!). I think I told myself if I had enough of them, Donnie from New Kids on the Block would totally love me. That didn't happen (thank GOD). I, did however, certainly look cute wearing it while playing Ms. Pac-Man at Aladdin's Castle.


oneluckyb said...

Oh wow I had totally forgotten about those little things! Thanks for the flashback!!

P.S. Came here from Daddy Likey! :)

Cate said...

i LOVE these!! i got here from daddylikey, too...hooray to us being featured!

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