Thursday, August 28, 2008

Word up!

Word I love:

Word I dislike:

Word I like to say:

Word I dislike to hear people say:
Niche (I'm a "nitch" girl...and cringe when I hear "neesh")

and you?

Today's title selection: Word Up! - Cameo


Mama Bee said...

Word I love:
F#ck. It's so versatile!

Word I dislike:

Word I like to say:
Douche bag. I always have some sort of rotating name I like to call people. This year, it's D.B.

Word I dislike to hear people say:
Naughty. It just sounds wrong. And "meow meow" if used incorrectly!

Pearl said...

I LOVE this post!

Love: consternation

Dislike: fart

Word I like to say: credenza (I always have to say it all drawn out and with an exaggerated accent)

Word I dislike to hear people say:
pacific when they mean "specific", axe when they mean "ask", liberry when they mean "library", and finally cabaret when they mean "carbernet".

SBC said...

Oh oh oh.... My turn!

LOVE: Indubitably (you have to say it like Homer)
DISLIKE: Cream (and I second moist... that is an awful word)
LOVE TO SAY: Behoove and Elbow
DISLIKE TO HEAR PEOPLE SAY: Synergy or any stupid variation of that ridiculous made up bullshit word like synergize or synergistic.

Jessica said...

Word I love:
lame, lamer.
There are much better ones, but my brain is tired.

Word I dislike:
Foyer. Just never sat right with me...and "theses" - reminds me of poo!

Word I like to say:
I just learned the word for "groin" in Spanish is "ingle" (een-glay). I find this fun to say.

I also like "paradigm" but that's just because I like to be a dummy and say it "para-dig-em"

Word I dislike to hear people say:
harassment, said like the word 'ass' isn't in there

devilish southern belle said...

I go through stages where I like/dislike different words. Right now I love "veranda". I love outdoor living spaces. Especially covered ones. I always dislike "fart". Not only is the act disgusting, but the word just sounds disgusting as well. I'll leave off the words I like to say, because they're not fit for most ears. But I love to hear other people say "please" and "thank you" (well, that was two words, sorry) when they should. Appreciation means so much!

I left you an award over at my place! Feel free to come grab it and pass it along if you like!

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

Word I love: Jalopy
Word I don't love: Globule
Word I like to say: Massage
Word I don't like to hear others say: Made up office type words often used by rubbish managers.

Jaci said...

Word I love: Seriously

I use it way too much. Seriously.

Word I dislike: panties

Word I like to say: secession

Word I dislike to hear people say: supposably instead of supposedly

I do love your blog! For some reason my favorites disappeared when I uploaded my Google Reader to my blog roll. I added you back in, but I probably forgot a few people. Oops. :)

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