Friday, August 22, 2008

Don't you know I'm still standing...

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

I've been in lovely San Diego, CA attending a conference. Since I usually have to lug a laptop with me whenever I travel for work, I jumped at the chance to leave her at home this time. Of course, that meant not being able to obsessively check MySpace, read work e-mails (and actually work) or blog. Which wasn't really such a bad first. But then I remembered that middle-aged professionals plucked out of their comfort zones and attending a conference in a new city are just blog posts waiting to happen! I could've kicked myself for leaving the laptop at home!

But since I'll just have to rely on my memory. I'd like you to meet a few of the folks I've spent the last few days with. If you've ever been to a convention, you will probably recognize them.

1. Drunken Donna: No soccer practice car pool + open bar = Drunken Donna. She's the one you only see at social events (and she's so loud you can't miss her)....never at the early morning seminars and educational programming (that starts when she's still sleeping it off).

2. Dance Machine Daniel: At the big welcome party, you'll spot Daniel bouncing up and down in front of the stage as he pumps his lighted Blackberry in the air to the sounds of the cover band's rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. By the end of the night, his oxford cloth Polo shirt might be stained, but he'll feel just like he did at the Stones' show in '78.

3. Talkative Terry: Terry has never been bored in a seminar in his life. This is probably because Terry, a self-proclaimed expert on everything, spends the entire time sharing his own stories and personal experiences. In fact, he usually spends more time talking than the actual presenter. Beware of Terry...if you're in a session with him, you will never, I repeat NEVER get out early.

4, Monitor Mary: She works with you and is attending the conference, too. Every time you run into Mary, she looks at you with a skeptical eye and asks which sessions you attended. Then she quizzes you on specifics to see if you really went. Mary is easy to spot - she ignores the "business casual" dress code and shows up daily in suit, hose and sensible heels.

5. What Not to Wear Wanda: Poor Wanda. Her pants are too short, her shirt is too tight and her hairstyle hasn't changed since 1982. In the industry I am in, there are a lot of Wandas. Seriously. Clinton and Stacy would have a field day (although they'd quickly run out of $5,000 gift cards). Note to Wandas: Just because you can button those jeans, doesn't mean you should wear 'em honey.

Needless to say, I am damn glad to be home.

Today's title selection: I'm Still Standing - Elton John


AndBabyWillMake4 said...

Oh my...those people are everywhere, aren't they??!!!

devilish southern belle said...

Wait a minute....where are those people who want you to think they're so much smarter than you, who use (and pronounce) those 'big words' incorrectly, making you have to cough to cover your laughter because they seriously think they've pulled it off? I run into those kinds of people wherever I go, in addition to the ones you mentioned.

And....folks are waving their cell phones/pdas these days instead of lighters? I suddenly feel very old.

PAPATV said...

Don't forget Billy Buffet...he's the guy that just kind of picks at the food and always has a plate and looks at what's on your plate and sometimes even puts said food in his pockets...

Hammie said...

And I bet Wanda has a "W" when she wears those tight trousers. (a cougar or camel toe to you)
funnily enough Wanda comes to autism conferences, and frightens the rest of us who might have bought a few outfits in the last 3 years.
Terry just wants to show what he KNOWS! he aint there to learn anything, and yes Devilish Southern Belle; Ro left out "Jargon Jenny". I think my eyeballs actually disappeared into the back of my skull, the last time I went to a seminar with her....

Jessica said...

haha, I love conferences. I am/have been in fields predominantly composed of Drunken Donnas. And I am right there. I must admit, I have been to an out-of-state conference and only made it to the session I was presenting at.

Pearl said...

My fave is Cheatin' Charlie... the guy that is using his out of town trip to get a little side action at the Comfort Inn... most likely with Drunken Donna

Mrs. Buck said...

sounds like a few (scratch that...all) of the recent conferences I've attended!

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