Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Her fans call her tuffy, but all her buddies called her spike...


Now I just need a derby name! The catch can't be the same as any other derby girl in the WORLD. There's an online database and everything!

That's where you come in...any ideas?? I have a few thoughts, but nothing I absolutely LOVE! If you read my blog, I know you are creative and smart and you're bound to have some good ones! If so, please share!!!

Oh...and I need this is the next day or two!

No pressure.

Today's title selection: Roller Derby Queen - Jim Croce


Mama Bee said...

Holy crap, that's a tall order! Such pressure!!

Any particular theme you are going for? I'll try to be creative and think of something but no promises! haha!

ro said...

I know! You'd think being the creative geniuses we are that it would be easy...but not so much! :-)

I'm leaning toward Alex P. Beatin'. Since I love t.v. and all...

Mama Bee said...

OMG, that's hilarious! I thought of Funky Brewster! :) haha!

Pearl said...

Yay!!!! Congrats!!!!

How about Scare-us Hilton? It would be a great excuse to bleach your hair. Or wear a wig. Both fun times.

Maybe... oh damn! There is already a Wendy O. Killems. That could have been perfect!

One Slay Attatime (One Day at a Time)?

Maul in the Family?

Laverne De Foxy-o, Laverne De Filthy-o?

Jane Tripper (as in Jack Tripper, Three's Company???)

Welcome Back Clobber?

Okay, that's all I got. I do love Alex P. Beatin' though!!

devilish southern belle said...

Geez, Pearl has some great ones! I am still mourning the loss of the ONE name I thought was mine. I can't really think much past that at the moment, but you already know that! I LOVE Alex P. Beatin', though!

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