Thursday, October 2, 2008

I saw red, my heart just spilled onto the floor

Is it just me, or is Tim Gunn looking a little...uh...ruddy (and a lot exhausted) on the last few episodes of Project Runway?

Is he tired of Kenley's total disregard for his constructive feedback? Or is he just sick of saying "Loreal Paris make up room and Tresemme hair salon" over and over?

Feel free to discuss.

Today's title selection: I Saw Red - Warrant


Pearl said...

Perhaps his side job, Tim Gunn's Guide to Style or whatever, is taking it's toll as well.

Maybe he is tired from having to constantly avert his eyes from Jarelle's peek-a-nipple?

What I do know is that Kenley needs to shut her giant red pie hole.

Mama Bee said...

"peek-a-nipple"!!! LMAO! I was just writing about that on TiVoJunkie!! Jarell obvious has some build-a-dress-for-bewbies issues.

Um, and Kenley needs to not be around any more. I am over her more than I can put in to words using the English language.

Jessica said...

Kenley can suck it. I'm so so so over her! And to think that she started out adorable...

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna ask Jarell to make me a dress.

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