Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm diggin’ on you...you diggin' on me....we diggin' on we...

Congratulations, VH-1, for milking reality show skankage for all its worth.

As if Rock of Love and Flavor of Love weren't enough...both shows have inspired a ton of spin-offs. I Love New York (1 and 2), New York Goes to Hollywood, Charm School, Rock of Love Charm School, I Love Money, Real Chance at Love and Daisy of Love (Wow. That title is about as original as Daisy's tits.)...It's only a matter of time until they break into the cooking show genre with Camp Cookin' Rodeo Style.

And now that I think about it...we should probably call all these shows spit-offs since everybody is hooking up (and a few have even been known to actually spit on one another).

The chart at the left (click to enlarge) illustrates the hook-ups of contestants from VH-1's "Of Love" franchise (left) in comparison to sexual activity of the average American (right, bottom). OK...not really. But it might as well be.

Watching all these nasty people get it on with one another totally grosses me out. Flavor Flav is the worst. If you are watching Flavor of Love while eating (which probably isn't a good idea anyway), you'd better hope there isn't a make-out scene.

And did anyone else watch I Love Money? Is it just me, or were you totally grossed out by the house they lived in? It was disgusting and I bet it smelled like stale Newports, dirty panties and man-sweat. Blech.

Of course for some reason, the Rock of Love make-out scenes don't gross me out. Sure, they make me feel a little dirty...and maybe even a little sad for Bret, but I'll take that over Flav's Hoover-mouth any day.

I think that's why I kind of prefer the Charm School shows. Everybody is still drunk and stupid, but without all the "relationship" drama. I'm loving Rock of Love Charm School. And of course, I'm a Team Heather girl, despite her outfit in the season opener:

If you ever wondered what would happen if Dee Snyder and Fredrick's of Hollywood had a baby...now you know.

Today's title selection: Can't Stop - Babyface


devilish southern belle said...

I'm loving Heather! And Lacey, too, even though she irritates me in those shows, I do love that she does so much for animals IRL. Anyway....I'll be watching Daisy of Love, too, I'm sure. She needs to call it a day and go back to her hot ex-man back in Colorado. She isn't going to do any better! They should have given Heather her own show instead.

Jaci said...

That's a total Frederick's outfit! Is she wearing roller skates?

Pearl said...

Daisy of Love? Are you serious? How did I miss this??? I thought she was busy being Dave Navarro's beard anyway?

I hate to say this Ro, but I am on team Megan. She cracks me up and her manipulation skills are impressive.

I think Rodeo does have a cooking show, it's on the Fishing Network. It's called Rodeo's Dutch Oven.

ro said...

DSB - You're right!!! They TOTALLY should've given Heather a show over Daisy!!! Ugh. She has a kick ass body, but that's about it. Her face scares me and she's an "ugly crier" which I hate. But I'm sure I'll be watching!

J - lol. No skates, but that would've been AMAZING.

P - Boo for Megan. Although her manipulation skills ARE impressive (second only to her ability to keep her bikini bottoms on. Does she have the shortest crack in the history of ass cracks??)

Jessica said...

So I somehow got really really addicted to I Love Money. Somewhere in the course of that, I became very pro-Megan. So I'm eating up the new charm school - Sharon Osborne! Gonna be way better than the one for Flavor of Love, and I like that one.

I am also excited about Paris Hilton's My New BFF and the new season of Celebrity Rehab.

I maintain that Flavor of Love > Rock of Love. Flavor of Love is cartoonish, while I feel like I'm gonna get an STD if I watch Rock of Love.

Paige said...

I LOVE this show, and I could not bear to watch the original shows they were spin offs from. Just could not do it.

I love Megan, and that she was on Beauty and the Geek too. I kind of like Lacey too

I will admit I watched I LOVE New York, but I only did it because a good friend was on it---and did not act like an ass, thank you very much. It got me addicted though!

I feel so much better that I am not the only one watching this stuff!

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