Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We've got to breathe and have some fun...

Barbados was amazing!!! We were just there for four days...but it went a long way in helping us recharge and get ready for the long, cold winter. OK...we don't really have long, cold winters here in Texas. But it did help us relax a little before it's time for us to break out the jeans and long-sleeve shirts (which should happen at some point in the next month or so...).

We were surprised that, as Americans, we were in the tourist minority. Most of the people we encountered were from the U.K. Thankfully, we did bring a friend with us to help up the numbers a little:

Meet Pygmy Obama. Pygmy Obama was discussed extensively on our Telluride trip this summer. Here's the short version - Precious had a dream that Obama was coming to speak at a beach-front resort in her hometown (which, in reality, is about 10 hours from any sort of beach and has never hosted a presidential candidate). She was in charge of making the preparations for his visit, but somehow forgot to put on more than a bathing suit when he arrived. So he gets there, and he was really, really short. Like "three-apples-high*-short." She swore she would never tell Obama's secret and, after his talk, he showed his appreciation by signing her autograph book "Godspeed! Love, Pygmy Obama."

Since Precious told us about the dream, we reference Pygmy Obama often. When we see a tiny door, we know it's the secret presidential entrance...an ornate colonial doghouse is his summer home...a tiny bicycle is how he gets workouts in...you get the idea. So it was only fitting that we gave Pygmy a little respite from campaigning and brought him with us on our trip.

Here he is enjoying his first drink (blue, of course!):

And playing in the sand:
Sampling the official beer of Barbados:
And hanging out with the locals:

As you can tell, he enjoyed his trip to Barbados...almost as much as we did! And I think Precious and I helped spread some Obama love along the way. Now if we could only get the Democratic National Committee to reimburse us for our vacation...

*= Do you remember what else is "three-apples-high?" Click here if you are too young to catch that reference.

Today's title selection: Are You Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz

Edited to add: Apparently I misspoke.
According to Precious' mom...their town has been visited by candidates. And I quote, "Michael Dukakis during his campaign for President and Lyndon Johnson during some campaign… However, they were both full size humans." See where Precious gets her cuteness?


Paige said...

I think Pygmy Obama is brilliant! If this is a typical day on your blog, I love it and will be back.

I have never been to Barbados--but it is on the short list--would you go back?

Pearl said...

Did you spend $150,000 on Pygmy Obama's Barbados wardrobe?

Jaci said...

This is awesome! Pygmy Obama hanging out with the locals is too much. Where did you get that?

ro said...

P - Welcome to my head! I would go back to Barbados tomorrow! It was amazing! The water was SO clear you could be up to your neck and still see your feet!

Pearl - LOL. No. Obama doesn't like "Neimons." (Really. Who can't spell Neiman??)

Jaci - I rescued him from Urban Outfitters. I bet they have him on their web site, too.

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys had fun! I'm just hoping to hang out with Pygmy at Christmas. Perhaps we'll have to have an inauguration party!

Much love,
The Professor

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