Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ssss-Aaaa-Fffff-Eeee-Tttt-Yyyy. Safety Dance.

Last weekend DoodleBug had his first sleepover at Aunt Ro and Uncle SuperHusband's house! It was a huge success, despite the fact that we stuffed him with junkfood and kept him up too late (sorry, sister!). But that's what aunts and uncles are for right?

We spent the week before racking our brains to think of activities that would be fun (and appropriate) for a three-year-old, and came up pretty empty. So...we went with the obvious choice that people with no kids make - Chuck E. Cheese. Let me tell you...I now know why parents roll their eyes when the rat trap is mentioned. That place totally sucks.

When I was growing up, we had Showbiz Pizza Place and it kicked ass. I mean, the place was huge - you didn't trip over people while playing skee ball or have to wait 15 minutes for a 30 second "ride." Plus there was a show and everything (Remember the Rock-Afire Explosion??)!

Chuck E. Cheese, on the other hand, is outdated, dirty, crowded and run down. But the thing that shocked me most was what we saw in the toddler section. DoodleBug was riding the Bob the Builder tractor for the 39th time and SuperHusband pointed out something near the little slide-jungle-gym thing:

I know you can't see it really well, so here's a closer look...check out the floor underneath the school bus part at the bottom:
Yes, kids...that's an electrical socket - sans socket guards - just sitting there out in the open waiting from a kid to shove a penny or a tongue or something in it! And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Everywhere we looked there were open outlets - at kid eye-level!!!
Now I'm no expert, but even I have heard of baby-proofing and it's my understanding that keeping kids out of outlets is one of the most important things you need to do. And I would imagine that socket guards are pretty inexpensive. So what the fuck?? Nobody else seemed concerned about this. Am I just overreacting?!?
Today's title selection: Safety Dance - Men Without Hats


AndBabyWillMake4 said...

Wow, that is sad! You might want to send a nice letter of concern to their manager or corporate offices.

Also...we LOVED Showbiz when I was growing up!!

devilish southern belle said...

Not overreacting at all. I haven't had young 'uns in so long that I couldn't even figure out what that was (shame on me!), but it is definitely cause for concern. I hate Chuck E. Cheese, too. I was about eight months pregnant with my second son when I had to crawl into the tunnel/ball pit to retrieve my toddler-aged first son. That was our last Chuck E. Cheese visit for years.

Jessica said...

I was into Jungle Jim's. They had RIDES!

Desi said...

Oh man! Write a nasty letter!!!

DoubleDown said...

CHUCK E. CHEESE 1340 W CENTERVILLE RD 1602 09/09/2008 70

Yep, that's right! Last month the CHUCK E. CHEESE you went to got a 70 on their Food Inspection. That's BARELY passing!!

Garland is one of the worst places to eat out in the metroplex:


Anonymous said...

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