Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beer, Buffett and BFFs!

I still have the crud. I don't really know what it is, but I basically feel like I've been hit by a freight train, have a massive headache (which has won the battle against Aleve, Advil PM and supersonic prescription-strength Motrin more times than I'd like to remember this week) and on-again-off-again nausea and sore throat. On the plus side, I think this week is going to end on a high note! Here's why:

1. Jimmy Buffett is coming to town! Who-hoooo! As much as I love my metal gods, there's nothing like the parking lot at a Jimmy Buffett concert. I mean, really. Where else can you take shots of rotgut Tequila off of a water ski, swim in a stranger's blow-up pool (complete with sand!), karaoke, bob for apples in Vodka and share food with 100s of strangers? There's nowhere else, my friend. Only at Buffett!

2. My BFF (TheProfessor) is coming from the cold north to go to the concert with us! This is a tradition that stems back to our college days. I've lost count of the number of times we've attended, but it just gets better every year! (Especially now that we don't have to take any green-haired sorority sisters with us....) Plus, I haven't seen her in AGES and I miss her like crazy! Our late-night weekend calls to each other (fueled by alcohol, generally) just aren't sufficing!

3. I received a belated birthday present in the mail today from TheProfessor. A pair of Reef flip flops, complete with beer openers on the bottoms. How cool is that!?! (Well, once you get past the fact that you're putting something that's been touching the ground on the beer bottle where your mouth will soon go. It's okay, though...I can drink faster than the bacteria can travel.)
Cute, huh? I'm generally a Havaianas girl, but these puppies are COMFY and super-cute!

So, the week is looking up! But I guess after laying on the couch and sleeping in between such cinematic masterpieces as The Astronaut Farmer, The Covenant (Shut up! Riggins from Friday Night Lights is HOT!), Selling Innocence and Vacancy...there's only way you can go!

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