Wednesday, May 21, 2008

...But she makes me feel like roller skating

Hold on to your fishnets, ladies (and gentlemen)...I signed up for ROLLER DERBY tonight!!!

Went to my first practice, which wasn't really a practice for me since "fresh meat" can't skate until all the insurance stuff is sent in, but in a word it was AWESOME! I know that since I'm talking about roller derby here so I should say KICK-ASS! Rest assured, I'm working on this.

Anyway...Everybody was SO incredibly nice. And there were more new girls there than I expected. Newbies are required to wear white t-shirts to practice that have their names on the back and say "Fresh Meat." I learned this is to keep the other girls from being too rough. Don't know what I think about that...but I'll probably be thanking them next week when I can actually lace up.

So, my goal this weekend is to make an awe...uh...kick ass shirt, get some protective gear and, of course, buy some mother-fuckin-bad-ass skates.

Well look at that...I guess I'm getting the hang of it already.

1 comment:

Pearl said...

kick ass!!! when does your fresh meat status wear off? and after that, do you get to wear some sexy derby chic getup??? i cant wait for pics!!!

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