Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's better to have lost at love than never to have loved at all...

Well, that's what Bret Michaels says anyway (and we all know he's a genius and everything).

So does the same hold true for blog posts? Is it better to post a shitty, give-up blog, or to simply post nothing at all?

That's my delima. I mean, I don't want to let down the couple of you who read this, but it's very obvious from my posts when I'm in no mood to write. (We shall refer to those as BLAHg posts forthwith, ok?) This is usually because either I've been writing boring-ass crap at work all day...or nothing happened to amuse/piss me off...or I just can't think of anything worthy of your time. You know I want to make your time in my head as pleasant as possible, right?

Since I didn't post yesterday, I'll give you a quick update of my activities of the last couple of days:
  1. I went to my first official (i.e. on skates) roller derby practice last night! Oh. My. God. I thought I was a decent skater, but these girls are GOOD. And tough. And fast. Thankfully, I didn't fall and will be heading back for more punishment in a couple of hours.
  2. I watched the Lohan/Denise Richards double-header on E! (Thoughts?) The Lohan show sucked. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the Richards one. I actually kind of like her now and would totally go search for bad boy rock stars and actors with big dicks if SuperHusband weren't in the picture. Plus I learned pigs have corkscrew like penises. I think I had a sex toy like that once....which is more than mildly disturbing.
  3. Farmer Wants A Wife is on tonight, so the TiVo is fired-up and ready. Is anyone else watching this? I haven't picked a favorite yet, but a few initial thoughts...has anyone else noticed Kanisha is a total horndog?? And on the other end of the spectrum we have Brooke and Lisa, the self-proclaimed virgins. I just can't trust a 20-something virgin. Anyway, I'm looking forward to tonight when, "one woman plays dirty during a challenge." BTW, if you comment on her exceptionally entertaining blog, I bet HippieSister could be persuaded to post some inside scoop on the farmer...who a friend of hers just happens to know.
So that's my week so far. Sorry for the not-so-exciting BLAHg. I'll try to do better....promise!

Today's title selection: I Won't Forget You - Poison


Imelda Matt said...

The same can said for commenting...when your wit is fried is it better to leave things along or to plug away with drivel like I'm doing....

Pearl said...

It's the little gems like "BLAHg" and "Windows Shopping" that keep me coming back for more. I heart your blog! and your BLAHg!!

I havent watched the latest FWW yet, but you are right, I should blog about my inside scoooooop!

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