Monday, May 19, 2008

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday…

We usually have weekend commitments that prohibit us from doing what we want to do (i.e. drink until 4am, sleep until noon, order pizza and then watch TV all day). It’s typically a wedding, shower, birthday or something like that that which, while fun, means I have to get dressed, put on make-up and fix my hair.

Since this weekend found us with no set plans, we decided to figure out something fun to do ( to tell you the truth, I think SuperHusband was just tired of seeing me in my pajamas). The planning started around Wednesday and involved my amazing friend Precious. Obviously, that’s not really her name, but it describes her pretty well: she’s a tiny little blonde thing who is super sweet.

Precious and I were introduced by TheProfessor about 13 years ago. They grew up with SuperHusband and I went to college in their hometown, which is how TheProfessor and I became BFFs (and subsequently why I met SuperHusband).

Anyway, Precious and I were e-mailing back and forth to decide what to do. Here is the actual conversation:

The Stars play Saturday afternoon, but we definitely want to do something after. Either the Wildflower! Festival (ed: a music festival) or roller derby - with burlesque dancers in between the bouts! Thoughts?

HOLY MOLY decisions, decisions, decisions!! Both sound VERY interesting….I have asked a boy to tag along…we’ll see if he accepts, highly doubt it. BUT who knows – I am totally up for either

A boy as in a date!?!? Then we should do Wildflower. You don’t want to take a guy to burlesque on a first date.

Hahahaha!! He has plans. We can do anything! We can even wait ‘til Saturday to decide…I’ll probably wear the same spandex micro mini and halter top to either event.

See, my friends are just as funny as I am!

Anyway, Precious didn’t make it (she was exhausted from moving all weekend so I’ve forgiven her for standing me up), but SuperHusband and I went and it was really fun. Aside from the tons of carnival food we ate, we saw Blue Oyster Cult, Firehouse and Bret Michaels and did a ton of awesome people watching.

The normal urban douchebags decided to forgo Wildflower! (There was probably a Jessica Simpson sighting at Ghostbar or something), which was nice. To give you an idea of the crowd that was there, this was my view when I decided to sit down during BOC:

Braxton jeans! Do they still make these? This would’ve been an awesome Flashback Friday post, but I couldn’t wait to share it because I’d totally forgotten about these early 80s Jordache rip-offs.

Of course the requisite 45-year-old former groupie types that are always present when Bret Michaels is around were there, too. And there were an alarming number of guys wearing Bret Michaels t-shirts (not Poison…which is bad enough…but Bret Michaels solo shirts). Oh…and mullets. Lots and lots of mullets.

Too bad Precious missed it. With her spandex and halter top, she would’ve fit right in.


Pearl said...

I am so glad you posted this! I have been wondering what we would name a son if we were so blessed and now, via you, we have found the perfect name: Braxton. Hells yeah!

sister said...

i can't believe you didn't invite me to see Bret Michaels! Oh, how we're drifting apart...

ro said...

I knew you'd be tired from your wine country adventure...I didn't want to impose.

But he looked REALLY good! And Ambre was nowhere in sight...

ehappy said...

Sadly, they don't make Braxton jeans anymore...I do have a vintage 80's pair listed on my website though...

Woo for Braxtons! lol

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