Thursday, May 15, 2008

...just too good to be true

Or is it???

The other day I was "Windows shopping*" - you know, browsing online retailers, with nothing particular in mind - and I found some super-cute magenta pumps at Dolce Vita. They were on sale, but the price said something funky like "$125...with $81.09 off" or something like that. Anyway, if you know me, you know I am not a mathematical wiz. And if you read my blog, you know I am lazy, which means I have absolutely no desire to try to figure out that complicated math.

So...I added the shoes to my shopping cart, but then had to go through the whole "fill in shipping info" process. I know it would've been easier just to do the math. But I didn't have to get off the couch to hunt for pen and paper and/or calculator, which is how I rationalized the extra typing.

Anyway, once I did all this, the price came up. It was $0.00. WTF? I mean, I'm no Charlie Epps, but this just didn't seem right. So I click "ok" and am taken to the shipping screen. Standard shipping was...wait for it...$0.00, bringing my grand total to $0.00. AND It didn't even ask for a credit card.

So the order goes through and I get a confirmation number via email about 15 minutes later. I checked today and the order hasn't yet shipped, but they haven't sent me an email telling me they screwed up either. I guess I just sit and wait now for my super cute shoes to arrive. Unless they are smarter than I think, in which case I'll be wearing boring black peep toes all summer.

* - I totally made that up. God. I am so clever it hurts sometimes.

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Pearl said...

OMG: "Windows Shopping"!!! I just made you my homepage.

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