Friday, May 16, 2008

Flashback Friday: Show me that smile again. (Show me that smile)…

Obviously I love television. This isn’t new. In fact, being an only child, most of my formative years were spent either reading or watching TV (until I got my Commodore 64 and decided I wanted to be a “computer programmer” – but that’s another post for another day).

Here are a few of the shows I loved, and the moments from each that totally make me smile when I dig into the mental archive to retrieve them.

So sit back, relax, grab some Poprocks and a Shasta and enjoy this week’s Flashback…

It’s Your Move: The episode with the Dregs of Humanity was by far the highlight of this short-lived series. For years I got this confused with the Grateful Dead's Touch of Grey video. Click here to see why.

The Cosby Show:
Denise gets into a wreck and it just happens to be with Stevie Wonder (obviously not driving himself…otherwise a car accident with him wouldn’t be that peculiar). Rather than sue, the family is content with hanging with Stevie and jammin’ on the one..jam-jammin’ on the one. Lindsay Lohan: take

Double Trouble:
Like the Wakefield twins of Sweet Valley, these twins were complete opposites and likely “a perfect size six” I’m sure. I don’t recall a particular episode, but I loved this show.

Saved by the Bell:
Jessi is stressed, so she takes caffeine pills, gets “so excited”…and crashes. You’d think being in California and all that there’d be some coke available. I guess she was hanging out with truck drivers instead of party girls.

Family Ties:
Alex P. Keaton takes drugs and puts some serious mileage on his office chair spinning and wheeling back and forth across the room. Bonus guest appearance: Alcoholic uncle Tom Hanks, pre-Forrest Gump.

Who’s the Boss:
Horror of horrors…Samantha Micelli brings her lunch to school AND THE POPULAR GIRLS FIND OUT!!! Although she was mortified, what bothered me personally was the fact that the lunch – a ginormous submarine sandwich – was housed in a thermos.

Silver Spoons:
Some girl breaks up with the Ricker (despite the fact that he is wearing a super cool digital watch with calculator). Tragic. Cue: Broken Wings by Mister Mister. Even more tragic.

Paul Walker before he got all Fast and Furious on us. Although I watched this show primarily for him and to see Blu (Jane Leeves)’s kick ass, totally 80s outfits, I do recall an episode with the cute doctor from E/R (another 80s comedy I watched) as a greasy lounge-singer type. Yes, George Clooney…I’m talking to you.

Facts of Life:
Edna’s Edibles (which is kind of like a bakery and Coach House Gifts hybrid) burns to the ground. Too bad Snake and/or Cousin Geri weren’t there to save it.

Different Strokes
: Total toss up between Nancy Regan telling Arnold’s 4th-ish grade class (!) to “Just Say No” and the one where the guy from WKRP in Cincinnati gets all creepy on Dudley in the back of the bike shop. (Fun fact: Remember the Universal Studios episode? SuperHusband was a keystone cop when he went as a kid – just like that annoying fucker Sam!)

Your turn…Small Wonder, Out of this WorldGimme a Break…tell me about your Must See TV!


Pearl said...

Bosom Buddies! I dont remember any one particular episode, but I loooooved this show! I was always hoping that Kip would someday reveal himself to Sonny and she would find it in her heart to fall madly in love with a tranny.

amanda said...


God, Saved By the Bell was the greatest.

Melisa said...

Half of your list is my list:
Silver Spoon
Facts of Life
Saved by the Bell
Who's the Boss.

A few others that I could not live without... Fantasy Island! The plane, the plane!

And Growing Pains....sigh, I loved me some Kirk C.

ro said...

I TOTALLY had a Kirk Cameron poster in my bedroom...ok, I had 2. In one he was wearing a black leather jacket (I think the background was pink) and in the other...I *think* a yellow sweater vest. God....he was so hard core!

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