Thursday, May 1, 2008

I want your sex...

Break out the Manolos and Cosmos (does anybody still remember how to make them?)...the girls are back in 29 days and counting!!!

I've been watching some of the syndicated episodes to prepare myself. I would be watching them on DVD, but Sister loaned them all to a girl who never returned them. I can't be mad at Sister, though. She didn't know the slacker would steal them (although the fact that this girl doesn't shave her toes and hit a guy in the face at my 30th birthday party - over a game of pool - should've tipped us off that she wasn't the most conscientious person on the planet).

Anyway, I don't usually watch the Mighty O, but the cast was on today so I had to TiVo it. They didn't give away anything new or show any clips I hadn't yet seen, but it was still good. The cast looked great - even Chris Noth, who was starting to look a little rough. Rose, Blanche and Dorothy...uh, I mean Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, looked fabulous (Cynthia Nixon was especially radiant...lesbianism agrees with her!). None of them look like they've aged a day since the last episode. Bonus: Sarah Jessica Parker wasn't annoying and had on a to-die for outfit.

In a nutshell, today was like the Superbowl pre-game for the girls and gays. The only down side is we have to wait almost a month for "the big game." But if O's praises are any indication (and you know she is, like, Jesus' favorite and he's given her the ability to almost always be right...he had to do the James Frey thing so she wouldn't try to overthrow him...), it'll be worth the wait. I'm sure Carrie and her sanctimonious whining will still get on my last nerve. But am I excited anyway?

As Big would say, "Abso-fuckin-lutely."

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