Thursday, July 31, 2008

Birthday greetings, bottle of wine...

Today I'm sending extra-special-kick-ass birthday wishes to the one and only Professor. Today she turns the big 3-4.

Since she's moved up north, we've missed out on two years of what I'm sure would've been amazing birthday extravaganzi. Lucky for her, she has Red to drink Miller Lite with and to tell her how wonderful she is (she really likes that). Unlucky for all of us (Precious, Blondie, Sugar, DoubleB and me), the Bruce Dickinson to our Iron Maiden is more than 1,500 miles away.

In honor of TheProfessor's birthday, I plan to:

1. Drink massive quantities of light beer this weekend.

2. Sing karaoke with Precious (preferably Southern Cross or Delta Dawn) . Of course,we will call TheProfessor in the midst of this so she can join in via the magic that is Cingular. (We actually do this about every other week anyway so it's not entirely birthday special. But special nonetheless.)

3. Try to find her damn birthday gift (I'm always late...)

4. Wish her a very special day, tell her I love her bunches and disclose her age for all the Internet to see.

One down...three to go!

Today's title selection: When I'm Sixty-Four - The Beatles


SBC said...

Send her a hap-hap-happy birthday from MEEEE!!! You girls are getting old. Sheesh. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok, you girls have found a new way to say, "No thanks" to a piece of yummy birthday cake. Slap a picture of Chuck Norris on top of it!

Although...I suppose you could cut of his head and pretend he was someone else... Nope. My imagination isn't that strong. :)

Go get that gift, you slacker!

Pearl said...

Aww, happy b-day to the Prof! Age is just a number baaaaybeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

The Prof here, I must say the penny slots did not make up for a night without my girls! However, "Hot Hot Penny," a penny slot machine sang me a song in her bonus game while dispensing cash... so for a moment I was queen. I feel as if I should be commenting on your porn awards blog with hot, hot penny, a loose slot who will put out for cash. Anyway, thanks SOOOOO much for the b-day wishes, y'all were gambling with me in spirit, just wish you could have been there in person :) Love!

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