Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nobody's fool, nobody's fool...

Dear Dippin' Dots:

After 20 years, you're still hanging on to that Ice Cream of the Future thing? Seriously?


Today's title selection: Nobody's Fool - Cinderella


Anonymous said...

honestly, they could call them "shit-dots of the craphole" and i'd probably still eat them. tasty little buggers.

Mama Bee said...

Mr. Bee & I always complain that they are "The Ice Cream of Today." If they were the ice cream of "the Future," wouldn't we *not* have them today?

Or is it one gigantic ice cream paradox? Either way, they pretty much taste like ass.

Pearl said...

I would always get these when I went on a shopping excursion to Town East Mall. Right after I spent my allowance at the Hastings or Judy's.

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