Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thank you for being a friend...

Estelle Getty passed away today. This actually made me pretty sad. OK, really sad. While I love all the Golden Girls, Sophia Petrillo has always been my favorite.

Picture it...small town Texas, 1985. My grandma (who I absolutely adore) and I would watch the Golden Girls every Saturday night. It was good quality time for the two of us and we'd laugh for the entire 30 minute episode! Back then, I didn't get all the sexual innuendos and hilarious digs, but I loved it anyway. Now that I am older, I can't believe my super-Catholic grandma who has never drank (with the exception of communion wine) or smoked and was certainly not a "loose woman" like Blanche, found such humor in this show, but she did. Actually, she still does...we both do.

Flash forward to 2008 when there are many a weekday night when I can't get to sleep and find myself tuning in to an episode. (Lucky for me, there's a double header on Lifetime every night!) And I kind of like knowing that 160 miles away, my grandma is probably doing the same thing (unless she's at the Indian Casino in Oklahoma tearing up the penny slots).

Sophia has always reminded me of my grandma - spunky, strong, smart, quick-witted and brutally honest. I think that's what draws me to the show and that character, especially. I am sure TheProfessor, with her fancy PhD in counseling, would agree that's likely why I am sad about Ms. Getty's passing.

As to not end on such a sad note, I hereby give each and every one of you permission to laugh at what a complete and unrepentend dork I am. And while we're at it...I also like Murder She Wrote, Matlock and the occasional Perry Mason.

Better make that a 65 year-old dork in a 33 year-old's body.

Today's title selection: Thank You For Bring a Friend - Cynthia Fee


Anonymous said...

Ugh, Murder She Wrote? Gag! GAG! My mom watched that every time it was on. My sister and I HATED it and my dad made fun of it the entire time it played. Ah, memories of my mom getting pissed at my dad while he made so many smart remarks she couldn't even hear the show...wonder where I get my mouth from?

Golden Girls was better because of Sophia. She made that one bearable. Now that I see reruns of it on Lifetime, I can understand why people liked it. As a 7 year old kid? I didn't get it.

Amber said...

Thank you for the lovely reminder of the fun weekend nights that I had at my Grandma's house as a kid. We used to watch Golden Girls and 20/20 religiously. I think watching reruns of shows we grew up on is very comforting especially for those nights of insomnia that we might have as adults. Fun stuff!

Melisa@andbabywillmake4 said...

I'm right there with you. My sister and I would watch this with our grandma, religiously. And Estelle's character was our favorite!

SBC said...

What is it with Golden Girls? SMB had a thing for Bea Arthur. Had a tshirt w/ her on it and everything. Did I miss something? LOL!

Jeopardy reminds me of my grandma. We always watched together. I think she turned over in her urn when Alec shaved his mustache.

Pearl said...

I heard about this on the radio today and it made me sad too!

However, my grandmother watched The 700 Club and instead of watching TV, she called it "looking at" the TV.

Anonymous said...

It's Precious here, I can't recall my password....Linnie and I never missed an episode of the GGs, Fantasy Island, Trapper John M.D. or Wheel of Fortune...okay, so we did NOTHING but watch televison...but who cares, look how good I turned out..

Good Gawd, what would we do without syndicated television? What ever happened to Fantasy Island and RO's boyfriend Tatu anyway?

Anonymous said...

The professor concurs with your analysis and I have to admit when I heard the news I wanted to call and see how you were doing. Instead, I read your blog, noticed that Precious commented and therefore had to as well in order to maintain BFF status :) You can thank me for being a friend later :)

Viva la Rose!

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