Friday, July 25, 2008

Flashback Friday: If Menudo decir, move your boca like this...

I wasn't really a cartoon kid. Sure, on Saturday mornings I watched them, but I wasn't super excited to jump out of bed to turn on the television. That is, until they started showing this 10-15 minute segment each Saturday that featured a 5 super-cute little brown boys who would sing and dance. That band was called Menudo.

I actually remember very little about the show, other than the fact that I loved it and I'd never seen anything like it (my hometown wasn't very diverse). I recall the guys singing songs that were half English and half Spanish to help broaden little American kids' minds each week.

Once the segments stopped airing, I kept up with the band via Bop, 16 and Tiger Beat. I'd never listened to their music, but they were certainly easy on the eyes, which landed them prime wall space in my bedroom, next to Corey Haim (oh how the mighty have fallen), Kirk Cameron (or become religious fanatics) and Ricky Schroeder (or shown their asses on NYPD Blue). My favorite Menudo member, by far was Sergio Gonzalez. He's the one with the kick-ass suspenders and mullet on the left:

BTW - could Ricky Martin look any weirder?? He looks like a creppy little boy-man (and whose that little tater tot at the bottom?).

Anyway, Sergio was totally my fantasy boyfriend. When we practiced kissing on our pillows at slumber parties, mine was always Sergio (he didn't use much tongue). I thought he was fine...and he only got better (look at that hair! And the rolled sleeves! And the plastic Madonna bracelets!):
My Menudo phase eventually ended and Sergio was replaced by my new infatuation -Donnie from New Kids on the Block. But I looked ol' Serg up the other day and I must say...I was impressed. He might've grown up (and changed his last name to Blass), but he is still pretty fine**.

I might have to make some room on my bedroom wall....

Today's title selection: I have no idea...but I do remember Menudo singing this song while teaching us how to say various body parts in Espanol.

**If you view more pics here...just look past the speedo photo. I'm pretending I didn't see that and you should do the same.


Melisa@andbabywillmake4 said...

Seems like we had the same posters on our walls...Haim, Cameron, Schroeder.

I should have been into this Menudo craze, as I lived in NYC when they were popular and half my family lived in the Bronx, which is/was Puerto Rico away from Puerto Rico. I liked their music and had a few pins, but not got into them like my primas (cousins), they swore they were going to marry these guys. Just like I was going to marry Kirk, until Chelsea Noble got in the way. Hee.

Pearl said...

Before I got all heavy metal'd out and started reading Circus, I thought Huey Lewis (of HL and the news) was FINE. I didnt care that he was like 85 either.

Oh yeah, and the front man from Big Country. Hot stuff.

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