Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hmmm...I don't think so...

Y'all know I'm not afraid to make up words here and there, but people who use the word "chillax" in a sentence (as in, "This weekend I plan to kick back and chillax with my friends.") should be shot.

I had a work call today from some random sales guy who seriously used that word in our conversation. WTF? Is there no quicker way to let the world know you are a douchebag than to combine chill and relax into that dumbass hybrid? Espeically if you are over 14. And a dude.

I don't think so.

Today's title selection: Goin' Back to Cali - LL Cool J (who is super hot BTW)


Anonymous said...

He's the same guy from Office Space that says, "I'm going to show her my O face. Oh, Oh, OH!"

Anonymous said...

precious's a word I heard used day before yesterday..."recreationship".
I believe it was an accidental combination of relationship and recreation...didn't make since then and doesn't make since now. you?

Hammie said...

Recreationship: I reckon that sounds like you are going get together for fun: I like it.


SBC said...

The only acceptable hybrid word in my world is orgazmalicous. Just because it's awesome and because I said it first. Spread the good word.

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