Monday, April 7, 2008

I wanna rock n roll all nite...

Since you already know all about my shameful lesbian dream, I might as well spill it about one of my other secrets. This one isn’t shameful….in fact, I think it’s pretty kick ass.

I want to be a roller derby girl.

Never mind the fact that I’m not the toughest chick in the world (I was president of my sorority for god’s sake…) and that the last time I was at a skating rink I almost tripped over my friendship pins during the couple’s skate. I think it would be REALLY fun and I kind of think I could do it.

So…when I heard tryouts were held back in January, I was a little bummed. But I’m not about to let the dream die that quickly, so I e-mailed the league to see if they were holding any other tryouts between now and next January. Here’s part of the response I received:

“You can come out anytime and join! We practice ____. You should come out on Wednesday!”

Seriously?? Just like that? I really want to do this, but do I want to do it this soon? I thought I’d have a while to practice. I actually do own a pair of quad skates, but they are at Cowboy and MamaE’s house (an hour away). We’re going this weekend, so I’m planning to get them and start practicing. But there's no way I can make it this Wednesday!

But I AM going to do it. So I guess Project Roller Derby is underway. I'll keep you posted.


Imelda Matt said...

I can't wait...Imelda's going to bust open the sewing kit to make your smash 'n grab outfit!

ro said...

Love it!!!

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