Monday, April 28, 2008

Why don’t we get drunk and…

This was our big Buffett weekend and, as usual, it was a blast. Cowboy, SuperHusband and I took the RV on Friday and were set up and ready for drinking – in a prime spot I might add – by 5pm. (We questioned the greatness of our location the next day, however, when we learned the chunky girls across from us couldn’t keep their shirts on…)

Our Friday night was pretty tame…although we stayed up much too late. We ended up playing RockBand until about 3am with some people a few RVs over. I sang Wanted Dead or Alive about 4 times. Poorly, I must add and, of course, extra loudly (ed: why is it you are always about 30 times louder after a few beers?).

Since we drank dinner on Friday (and aren't anywhere near 21 any more), we were hurting on Saturday morning. Thankfully, another RV-er, who watched the hockey game with us Friday night, came over and brought me a huge plate of eggs and potatoes. Oh. My. God. They were so freakin’ good (we paid him back in Bloody Marys). All of the people at Buffett are like that – share and share alike. It’s awesome (and one of the things that makes it so great).

Anyway, our group came throughout the early afternoon. We probably had about 35 or so friends from college, high school and others. It was awesome. We spent a lot of time catching up and, of course, cruising the parking lot. A few highlights:

  1. We took random shots of rotgut tequila from strangers
  2. Did several Jello shots ($1 each to support breast cancer awareness – genius!)
  3. I saw the biggest pair of natural boobies I’d ever seen in my life (with a big ole tat around one nipple!)
  4. We boarded a pirate ship
  5. Danced with new friends
  6. Saw way too many people dressed inappropriately (the guy in the blue speedo we see every year was there again…)
  7. And drank. A lot.

Oh – I can’t forget that I FINALLY met TheProfessor’s new man, Red. He’s awesome, of course. And he drinks Budweiser, which you don’t see too often. That gave him a few bonus points right there. That, coupled with the fact that he is obviously crazy about my BFF makes him a winner in my book.

But the greatness doesn’t end there…It wasn’t until the concert that the absolute coolest part of the whole day occurred.

OK. If you’ve ever been to a Buffett concert, you know that throughout the day they film the parking lot shenanigans and play the best clips on the jumbotrons during one of the songs. Well guess who made it to the ‘tron this year? My very own SuperHusband!!!! They filmed him cooking sausages on the grill, doing his Aggie “Gig ‘em” thing. When it came on, I was SO excited I was screaming to everyone, “That’s my husband!!! Oh my God!!" He was at the very end and they stayed on his picture longer than the others. (Obviously because they could tell how cool he is!)

It’s kind of funny that of all of us, SH made the cut…he can’t stand Buffett (he does, however, enjoy drinking outside during the day and loves me a lot, so he goes with us). But at least we had one family representative up there!

So there you have it. Another great year with the Parrot Heads. Or as SuperHusband categorizes them...Deadheads with Money.

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