Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Someone saved my life tonight...

Reason #456 why I love HippieSister: She, without prompting, wrote a fab guest blog for today’s post. I am so burned out from work that I have zero creativity and can barely keep my eyes open, let alone be darling and amusing.

Here’s a little background on HS…

Back in the day, she and I used to send our reality TV episode recaps to one another to entertain ourselves. We were so clever, in fact, that we thought it would be awesome to start a blog and share our hilarity with the world. Then she had a baby (HippieBaby is cute as hell, by the way) and was too busy cleaning up spit-up and nursing to keep up with The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll, let alone blog about it.

Lucky for us (and HS), HippieBaby is sleeping more and is finally off the tit, which means HippieSister is catching up on her TiVo. She’s even up-to-date on Rock of Love 2 and has provided her take on the finale for our reading pleasure.

I know you’ll enjoy her as much as I do. You can even like her a little more than you love me, but she doesn’t have her own blog (yet?) so you’re stuck with mine for now…

I agree with Ro, Rock of Love 2 has been a bit of a disappointment.

Has that stopped me from watching? No. I did, however, manage to tear myself away from yet another season of Flavor of Love, so I hope that gives me a little bit of street cred.

Anyway, after watching the season finale, my reaction:

What??!?! Bret chose AMBRE?!!!? I mean, let's face it. Is Ambre really rocker chic material? Soccer chic is more like it.

First of all, she is a little mature for BM at 37 (I am knocking on 37's door myself, so I am allowed to say that!). I know she is giving it the good college try with the rocker girl hairdo (bleached out on top, dark underneath) but, h e l l o, she somehow managed to middle-age that up as well by styling it a la blowout. Everyone knows rocker chicks use the Chi flatiron, they do not have blowouts!! Lastly, there is just something about Ambre that is more "Bret, you left your dirty socks on the floor and now the living room's a mess, dammit!" than "Bret, you left my vibrator on again and now the batteries are dead, dammit!"

Bret would have been much happier with, Daisy. Everything about her screams hard rock arm candy: fake boobs, hair extensions, plumped lips, neck tat, family estrangement. Shall I go on? And come on, she is obviously devoted to Bret if she is willing to move out of the one bedroom apartment she shares with her boyfriend.

What should have happened is that BM should have chosen Ambre as his nanny and Daisy as his ROL. That way, he would have someone who could read to his children and someone who could talk dirty to him. And I am willing to go out on a limb to say that if Bret ever did decide he wanted a little Jude Law-esque nanny action, I bet he could figure out a way to pull one over on our scholar Daisy.

I can't help but wonder if the ink is dry on Bret's ROL Season 3 contract.


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Melisa said...

Oh, I don't know, Daisy was so typical and I think BM was ready for a change...even if only until season 3! :)

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