Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I want you to be mine tonight...

OK. I know I was going to post the long-lost-post, that I barely remember writing . (Maybe it was following a horrendous sinus infection I had a while back that was totally worth the kick-ass painkillers* they gave me...). Anyway, I'm putting that on hold for two reasons:
  1. Fry's sucks and refused to give me a loaner laptop, which means SuperHusband and I have to share the desktop (and he works from home a lot).
  2. I had a CRAZY ASS dream last night and I know you'll want to hear all about it (and maybe you can tell me what in the heck it all means?!?).

OK. So you know I love Nikki Sixx, right? Well, he makes an appearance in my dreams every so often. And last night he brought some friends.

So Nikki and I meet and (of course) he asked me to go on tour with him and I said yes. (I was single and SuperHusband was nowhere around, so "yes" was the only logical answer to this question and not a violation of my marriage vows.). Nikki, however, wasn't on tour with Motley Crue. Instead, he was with a guy from Blue Oyster Cult, a guy from Slayer and a back-up singer for Bell Biv Devo (who had her baby with her). I don't think they were in a band together, it was more like a random showcase thing. A showcase of what exactly, I am still trying to figure out.

I remember bits and pieces of the rest...we were all hanging out on the tour bus watching E! True Hollywood Story-type shows about everyone on the tour, then all of us were in this "common room" place, singing Can't Stop by Babyface.

Aside from waking up briefly and telling SH I needed to go back to sleep to see Nikki, that's all I remember. Random, huh?

Today's title selection: Piece of Your Action - Motley Crue

*Vicoprofen (Heard of it? Have some extras?)

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