Friday, June 6, 2008

Flashback Friday: Goin' the the Chapel

I am about to head out of town for another wedding (I know, I know...I should get paid for this shit) and I have a bachelorette party back here tomorrow night (which will be fun because my friend Sugar is laid back and doesn't want penis veils and crap like that). Since I've spent all day doing my actual job (they pay me, so they like for me to work once in a while), I wasn't able to get to today's post, which sucks because I love my Flashback Fridays (and I know you totally do, too).

So, I'm giving you all an assignment. In honor of FF, below is what I'd like for you to do today. You can choose any one of the items below, or you can get a little crazy and do them all. Just report back to me what you did and how it went (I'm going to make y'all comment if it KILLS me!).
  1. Watch The Wedding Singer and remember how cool it was to wear a guy's Van Halen/Motley Crue/Metallica t-shirt. If all your guy had was Poison, please accept my condolences.
  2. Tight roll your jeans, put on a hyper-color t-shirt and throw together a side ponytail. If you don't still have your hyper-color shirt, put on a colored one and sweat. Same effect.
  3. Watch an old-school 80s video on YouTube. A few ideas: Sister Christian by Night Ranger, Africa by ToTo, Puttin' on the Ritz by Taco. If you're "dressed up like a million dollar trooper" while doing this, you get bonus points! (And a big "SUPER DUPER!")
  4. Go to and read the descriptions of your favorite Beverly Cleary/Judy Blume/other YA authored books. If you were really into YA books (especially Sweet Valley god-this-would-be-better-if-I-were High), check out this site, which is genius.
  5. Make a prank call. You might want to try an infomerical number as to not annoy someone you really know. I've found this is espeically fun late at night after cocktails. (FYI, according to the sales rep, the CriCut scrapbooking thing CAN be used by a tattoo artist to create new and exciting body art. I told him I had to justify the astronomical cost to my inker-hubby.)
  6. Reader's Choice!

Have a great weekend, y'all! (God...I totally feel like Britney Spears when I say y'all now. Bitch!)

Today's title selection: Goin' to the Chapel -The Dixie Cups


Anonymous said...

Ahahahahah! Sweet Valley High! YES! My friends and I were totally obsessed with those books in 6th grade, and we would fight people for them at the library. A few months ago, I was feeling all nostalgic and came across a SVH book and said, "Hmmm...I never did have to opportunity to read all these things. Maybe I could start collecting them!" (Can you tell I'm a bored SAHM???) I bought the first 10 off Ebay, read them, and said, "WTF? These books suck! It's the same gay plot and stereotypical characters over and over again! Ugh, why did I love these books?"

Food for thought: 80's children have body image issues worse than any other generation...while we were playing with the biggest boobed Barbies of all time, watching Full House blonde haired blue eyed darlings, and reading about Sweet Valley twins with "All American California beauty and perfect six six figures." Duh. No wonder we all hate ourselves. :)

Scott said...

I tightrolled my jeans, cut my hair spikey and moussed it, and wore a headband that read ROZELLE, all while watching The Breakfast Club. Smoke up Johnny!

Pearl said...

I tried to watch the wedding singer but after 2 minutes of drew barrymore's im-a-goo-goo-baby-lisp-voice, I threw up in my mouth a little bit and swallowing was more enjoyable than continuing to watch her.

Imelda Matt said...

so I pranked in reverse. I love this shit. around 7pm those Indian call centers start with the 'market research' calls. So this time when i picked up the phone (and yes I've done this before and no I don't plan on getting a private number) and he starts yamering on about lord knows what (yes I was drinkn' and smoken'). I wait for the cue, it's normally it's a language thing, you know 'would you like to save a tree' sounds like 'it's for free'. Its at this point I start wooping and hollering 'Imelda Mike, we've one something for free'. Imelda Mike runs up to phone and he starts screaming 'what have we won, what have won?'. I let my voice get all shaky and start pretend crying about 'how we never won anything' how excited I am (meanwhile Imelda Mike's in the carrying on the background screaming and dancing around like Mariah Carey in the Dream Lover video).

The poor fucktard on the other end of the phone doesn't know what to do. Then I blow in with the second wave, 'is it a camera? have I won a camera?, is it a holiday? IM we've won a holiday'. I know ou get the idea.

In the end when he/she final drops the bombshell that we haven't won anything, I finish off the call with 'If you're not ringing to tell me I've won something the why the fuck are you ringing me?' and hang up!

Al lot more fun than pranking a pizza...or is it?

ro said...

Imelda!!! I TOTALLY laughed out loud!!! That's awesome!!!

"...screaming and dancing around like Mariah Carey in the Dream Lover video...
I love it - and can totally picture the mayhem!

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