Friday, June 27, 2008

Flashback Friday: You’re the inspiration...

Hundreds Tens of you have read my blog and a few of you have even been inspired to start your own, which I find really cool (and yes, a little flattering). You know I’m all for anything that gets you guys off your asses and doing something productive (like rehashing your favorite reality show for my entertainment).

So have you ever wondered what inspired me to jump on the train to blog-town? No? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. In a word…Winona. No…not Judd (she’s much cuter) and not Ryder (although she likes to shop, she foregoes the “lifting” part). Somehow I stumbled upon Daddy Likey and, aside from the awesome name, I found myself thoroughly entertained by this blog. In fact, it’s the first blog I read on a regular basis (I was super late to the blog party…I think my invitation was lost in the mail.).

Anyway, DL was running a contest to find the most terrible, awful outfit readers wore as children/teens (mostly in the late 80s, early 90s). I was bored so I decided to enter. It was a little hard…not the writing part, but narrowing it down to just one amazingly bad outfit out of the hundreds I wore growing up (can you say cowprint cowgirl shirt and wrap skirt…with Ropers? Not. Even. Kidding.).

I ended up choosing one, entered the contest and was one of three finalists, which made me think I might be funny enough (to others, not just myself and TheProfessor) to actually write my own blog. Sadly, I didn’t win the contest (and the Charlie perfume, Boys to Men CD and Bonne Bell lip gloss prize pack – dammit!), but it remind me of how much I love to write about normal (i.e. non-work-related…not always normal) stuff.

So today’s Flashback is actually a two for one. A double-back if you will…

Not only did you get to learn why I started blogging, I’ll also let you in on the post that started it all. Mine is the first one, codename: Mortified. Read it and you’ll see why that moniker is especially fitting..

Which bring us to your assignment. Since I’ve spilled it about my hideous outfit, I want to hear about yours. You can even send pictures if you want to and I’ll post them when I return.

And by the way, I realize I’m totally stealing Winona’s idea, which I would usually never do…but it was such a good one and I’m giving her credit. So I’m sure she (and you) will forgive me.

Today's title selection: You’re the Inspiration – Chicago


SBC said...

Ohhhh!!!! I've got some uber lovely pictures of myself and Sarah B at Band Camp. Yes, that's right. At Band Camp. When I get home, I shall scan the old ass pictures and email you something good to laugh at. Band Camp. Yep.

Pearl said...

I have been trying to decide what horrible outfit to write about all weekend (because there are so many for me to choose from), and I think I'll settle on my Friday go-to 'fit, junior year of highschool, 1989: black leather mini-skirt from Wilson's Suede and Leather (in Town East Mall), with some trampy "blouse" and black flats embellished with silver metal studs. If it was cold, I might wear some shear black pantyhose. Nevermind I was completely uncomfortable, not to mention inappropriately dressed for sitting in a highschool classrom, I was lookin HAWT and I am sure my Geometry teacher, Mrs. McGintey, appreciated that.

Anonymous said...

I think I burned all unflattering pictures of myself (but Grandma has them plastered all over her house anyway).

I have good news for you! You've won a blog award! Stop by my page and pick it up!

Christy said...

Happened upon your blog - love the name and that all your posts have song titles. Genious!

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