Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who's that girl?

I have connections through work and can sometimes get great tickets for local sporting events (not often enough, but it's still a nice unexpected perk with it happens).

So a few months ago, SuperHusband and I went to an NBA game. Our seats were great, but they were with the opposing team's family and friends. No big deal (however, if this were a Dallas Cowboys game...it would be a different story, as SuperHusband is SuperFan and can sometimes get loud and a little crazy rooting for the Boys).

Anyway, we saw this girl who looked SO familiar. She was tiny, busty, blonde...much like most of Dallas. But there was something about her; we knew she was "somebody" but couldn't figure out exactly who.

Flash forward to this weekend when we were driving to Austin for yet another wedding (I'm really going to have to post about how poor we are from traveling to all of these out of town weddings!). We were listening to the sports radio station and they were talking about the team Dallas was playing that night and how a certain porn star is a major fan and goes to all of the games when they are in town:

For those of you who haven't seen Naked Aces #2, Jesse's Dolphin Finger Diver (huh??!!!) or Island Fever #3 (and #4), that's porn star extraordinaire Jesse Jayne. Had she been wearing the swanky little bustier she's rockin' in the above pic, we probably would've realized who she was much sooner, but unfortunately (well...as far as SuperHusband is concerned anyway) she wasn't.

Anyway, this really explains so much. There were a few guys taking her photo (the rest were with their wives and understandably remained tight-lipped about recognizing her). Of course, when we heard her name, SuperHusband and I said...almost in unison..."Of course!!! That's exactly who that was!!" and then discussed at length how we can't believe we didn't realize it then.

Speaking of porn stars and the movies that showcase them...why are so many movies named things like (insert title here) #3; #33; #780 and so on? It's not like they are spending a lot of manpower coming up with dialogue. You'd think they could at least come up with an original title (says she who is too lazy to name her posts herself and just uses song lyrics that aren't always the most relevant...). But seriously. It can't be that hard. And I highly doubt the Ass Monkey franchise has so many fans that they need to title each in sequential order so Crazy Larry from Idaho doesn't miss any of them, thus rendering his Ass Monkey library incomplete. Or do they?

Today's title selection: Who's that Girl? - Madonna


Kerry said...

I have a similar story about a porn star in an airport... we were in the security line so we have plenty of time to look at her and realize who she was! It was so funny and kind of made our day!

Imelda Matt said...

Finger Diver...so she's 'top shelf' then? I imagine Crazy Larry would be so bereft at the thought is 'driver' collection was incomplete that he might just get a little 'postal'.

That said, I imagine that between picking his teeth and scratching his butt (which would consume, say jalf a day) Larry should have plenty of time to keep to keep abreast of 'new releases'!

I know it I didn't have Bumming 1-6, I'd be 'postal'!

My emails down sorry I didn't reply....:(

Pearl said...

ooh, good thing HippieBaby wasnt there, she would have thought she was in lactation heaven!

WendyB said...

She sure has an impressive sternum.

Hammie said...

I think you can get ass monkey in a limited edition boxed set from Time Life books, for just $49.95 plus ten easy instalments of ....................

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