Monday, June 16, 2008

She works hard for the money...

As I write this I am sitting on a slab of concrete outside the convention center in St. Louis. I'm here for a week for work and - of course - our hotel doesn't have wireless. However, I just learned if I tilt my computer at a 70 degree angle toward the setting sun and prop it up 2. 5", I can steal a signal. God...the things I do for you people!!!!

Anyway, I will be in meetings all day tomorrow and will have time to come up with an amazing, post I'm sure. In the meantime, hop over to Imeda's place to read my hilarious (and tragic) guest post - The Pursuit if take on some hideous bridesmaid dresses of days gone by (of which I have had more than my share...)

Today's Title Selection: She Works Hard for the Money - Tina Turner

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