Thursday, June 26, 2008

A week without you, thought I'd forget…

I know I was just gone a week for work and it totally sucked for all of us. Well guess what? I'm leaving you again. And I bet you can't guess where we're heading?

That's right...another wedding. By the way, I'm currently waiting for my commemorative certificate from that names SuperHusband and I as the recipients of "Most Weddings and Wedding-Related Activities in One Year" honors. (I'm hoping it includes a cash award to help off-set some of our destination wedding expenses.)

But actually, this wedding is going to kick ass. My good friend Sugar (who is one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet...and I'm not just saying that because she reads my's not like she comments or anything so there's no real incentive for me to be super nice) is getting married on Tuesday in Colorado so we're road-tripping it to help her celebrate her big day. And we decided since we'd have to take out a second mortgage to afford gas to get there, we might as well just make a vacation out of it.
Here's the gameplan:

Friday afternoon: Pick up Precious, who is making the trip there with us and head west until we can't drive any more. By "we" I mean SuperHusband because I hate to drive about as much as he loves to...which works out well for me.

Sleep on the side of the road in the car (just like truck drivers! Well...the ones who aren't on mini-thins) for a couple of hours. We did this on our "See America" adventure a few years ago and it's really not that scary.

Saturday: Arrive in Durango. Find hotel. Sleep in real beds for a few hours. Go out. Drink.

Sunday- Tuesday: Drive to Telluride, where we plan to go white water rafting, to bars and participate in wedding-related activities. We will be meeting TheProfessor here on Sunday (she flies in that morning).

Wednesday: Wake up, load up TheProfessor, drop off Precious at the airport (she has to get back to work). Drive to Bear Lake, UT, where we'll meet TheProfessor's boyfriend at a cabin we've rented:

Wednesday-Saturday: Drink, do lake stuff, drink.

Saturday: Begin the 19 hour trip home.

I know you'll be sad that I'm gone...but don't worry. I plan to give you an assignment in tomorrow's Flashback Friday, so you'll have plenty to do in my absence. Unless of course you'd prefer to work, clean or do something else productive. But I know you wouldn't do anything crazy like.
Today's title selection: Vacation - the Go-Go's

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