Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who's cheatin' who? And who's bein' true?

I can't believe I forgot to tell you guys about this...

Remember Precious' annual 29th birthday a couple of weeks ago? Well I totally neglected to mention one of the best parts. SuperHusband was on Cheaters!!!

I'd better back up and explain that neither of us were unfaithful. They just happened to be filming one of their famous confrontations at the bar next door (which just happened to be having a "foam party" that night. Welcome back, 1995.).

Anyway, if you've seen The Soup, you know what Cheaters is. Basically, if you think your significant other is being unfaithful, you can call Cheaters and they will look into it for you (for the low, low price of your dignity).

For the uninitiated, each show is essentially divided into four segments:

The Introduction: You meet the person who initiated the investigation. Typically, s/he is kind of low-class and really clueless. For instance, a couple of weeks ago on The Soup, a girl talked about how she and her boyfriend were a match made in heaven..."just like Sid and Nancy." (I am not even kidding.) Anyway, Cheaters writers usually say something witty here like, "Meet Candy. A PetSmart employee who is afraid her boyfriend is barking up somebody else's tree."

The Investigation: The cracker-jack investigators are on the case. They strategically tape a few phone calls between the couple when they know the cheater is not where s/he claims to be. They also spend a lot of time taping super-grainy cheating surveillance footage that is shown to the accuser later (typically at night in a well-lit parking lot).

The Confrontation: This is the best part. The cheated on, along with host Joey Greco and a crew of big dudes in black t-shirts with giant fuzzy boom mics, ambushes the cheater and lover in some public place. Cursing, crying, slapping, clawing ensues. Joey, with his ridiculous questions, fuels the fire (as does a screaming crowd of onlookers who just happened to be in the right place at the right time).

The Conclusion: This is perhaps the most disturbing part. The dumbass who called cheaters in the first place usually takes the cheater back.

Anyway, during the confrontation, SuperHusband and a group of our friends ran over when they saw the tell-tale boom mics. Everyone was trying to get on camera and SuperHusband assures me that he placed himself in front so much that there's no way he won't be on the show.

Joey and the cheat-ee get back into the famous white Suburban. An amused crowd surrounds them.

The downside to this is now I am TiVo-ing Cheaters. Not that it's the most embarrassing thing on my playlist...

Today's title selection: Who's Cheatin' Who - Charly McClain


Pearl said...

We have had Cheaters in our DVR for months. I love trying to figure out where they are when they are doing the ones in Dallas. I cant wait to find SuperHusband!!!

I totally thought of you when I made up nifticious. I was hoping you would be proud of inspiring me ;)

We need to get on the blogtabulous collaboration tip!! YO!

You make me miss the Ro-Inlaws Resort!! Hey, maybe HippieBaby and I need to summer in Texas....

Imelda Matt said...

Nana will take her teeth out for this one...yes it's that special!

Sorry about the lack of email I'm up and running and I'll be stalking you in the morning.

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